Meet The Team

Our spring 2019 interns bring diverse know-how of editing, social media and broadcast news. Shayla and Makayla will help lead our student newsroom as we examine local politics in New Mexico and other topics.


Shayla Cunico / Maryssa Rose Photography

Shayla Cunico

Shayla Cunico is a UNM student studying multimedia communications and journalism, and political science. She is the Senior Editor at the New Mexico News Port, and the Culture Editor for the New Mexico Daily Lobo. Her background is in editing, multimedia journalism and design. Her passion for culture writing stems from her love for the arts and sonder (the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own), which inspires her to tell everyone’s unique story through her writing. Shayla’s mission is to apply her own writing, editing and interviewing knowledge to inspire other students to pursue careers in journalism, and to learn from her peers to become a better journalist herself.






Makayla Grijalva / Photo by Megan Vigil

Makayla Grijalva

Makayla Grijalva is a UNM pursuing a double major in Multimedia Journalism and Political Science. She recently also picked up a History minor. She is Assistant Editor for the New Mexico News Port. Makayla also works as a Multimedia Intern for Advance at UNM, and Multimedia Editor for the Daily Lobo. She has been editing video since 12 years old and hopes to eventually create jobs in New Mexico others wanting to pursue multimedia journalism.