Meet the Team 2015

We are the student journalists who make up the Curious New Mexico team for fall 2015. We are a group of student photographers, writers, and videographers with a passion for journalism. This semester we are collaborating with the News Port and New Mexico PBS to answer questions abut our state. We are so excited to investigate your questions and answer them in fun and creative ways. You can see some our previous work here. Don’t hesitate to submit new questions as well!

Emily Ediger

“My goal is to create a visually appealing segment(s) for the audience and answer the question to the best of my knowledge with the information received while out looking for answers. Also, I hope to not mess up on camera.”

Question Emily chose to report about:

“I am curious about the earth ships and the movement of artists to New Mexico in the 60’s.”
See Emily’s bio video.

Veronica Muñoz

“My goal is to inform New Mexicans about what New Mexico has to offer. A lot of people talk about how New Mexico doesn’t have many opportunities and how they always want to leave and so I want to change their views on that.”

Question Veronica chose to report about:

“What are the trending issues related to design in Albuquerque? What is the extent of the design industry?”
See Veronica’s bio video.

Brianna Gallegos

“My goal is to learn just as much as our views. I hope to get as much information as possible and help people see New Mexico from a different angle.”

Question Brianna chose to report about:

“What is the extent and depth of civil forfeiture in New Mexico?”
See Brianna’s bio video.

Isabel Gonzales

“My goal is to learn more about New Mexico and the community here. I don’t want to just look at the surface stuff that everyone already knows. I want to go deep and show our viewers something fresh and exciting, something worth their time.”

Question Isabel chose to report about:

“I want to know more about the film entertainment industry in New Mexico. Will NM become the next Hollywood?”
See Isabel’s bio video.

Travis Gonzales

“About four years ago I moved to Albuquerque and I was clueless. I want to help people who are in the same situation now. Something as simple as where to eat or what to do on a weekend are simple questions that can be answered in very creative ways.”

Question Travis chose to report about:

What is going on over at the Winrock shopping center? I see the construction and I just want to know what the plans are.”
See Travis’s bio video.