Keller, Eichenberg to be auditor, treasurer

Democrat Tim Keller (right) talks to Alex Weimer, campaign volunteer, as they await the results for the state auditor’s race at the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Albuquerque on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. (Taylor Mallak/NM News Port)

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Keller, Eichenberg to be auditor, treasurer

Auditor’s race

Tim Keller will be the next state auditor of New Mexico. The state senator defeated his Republican opponent Robert Aragon 54 percent to 46 percent on election night.

At the Democratic election party, Keller said he wants to get started on implementing his plan as state auditor.

“I’m going to look at accountability and transparency,” Keller said. “I’ll look at education spending and our behavioral health spending. I’m also going to look at what I can do to free up some funding for infrastructure projects, like bridges and roads.”

Keller was elected to state senate in 2008. He is most known for his renaming his district the “International District.” He has a strong background in business and finance and has used his skills to build a thriving company located in Cambodia.

“I’ll celebrate by having a long night’s sleep . . . and hanging with my 1-year-old,” Keller said.

Aragon was looking at the silver lining in the outcome.

“Because we don’t have a whole lot of money, we ran our campaign one mile at a time and one handshake at a time, and it was really very productive,” says Aragon.

He says that traveling with his family and sharing his ideas is what his campaign was all about.

Treasurer’s race

Tim Eichenberg will be the next New Mexico State Treasurer. Eichenberg was beating Republican Rick Lopez, 52 percent to 48 percent Tuesday night.

Eichenberg’s past experience as Bernalillo County Treasurer was a factor in the race. The county treasurer office and state treasurer office have similar responsibilities including investigating and managing taxpayer dollars.

Eichenberg said one of his goals as treasurer is to ensure the growth of small businesses and to approve “seeders” that will allow smaller local banks to accept large deposits safely.

Lopez, meanwhile, was reluctant to concede the close race. In reflecting on the campaign, he said, “I’m just lucky I was able to travel the state and meet my fellow New Mexicans.”

“Talking to people and hearing what they have to say is my favorite part of campaigning and is what I will take away from this race,” Lopez said.

His next step? Lopez says he plans a vacation and stop putting so many miles on his car.[/text_output][share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true”][/vc_column][/vc_row]