Indigenous Elders and Youth take on the 2022 Gathering of Nations

Photographed by Taylor Gibson / New Mexico News Port Taylor Gibson is a reporter for New Mexico News Port and can be reached at

Gas Siphoning Hits ABQ

NM Average gas prices in March. (American Automobile Association).

By Rayes Gallegos / New Mexico News Port The person who tried using a wrench to steal gas from a van parked in Albuquerque’s South Valley didn’t siphon any gas but successfully cracked the gas tank spilling toxic fuel all over a pre-school’s driveway. The van belonged to Cuidando Los Ninos, a nonprofit that helps… Continue reading Gas Siphoning Hits ABQ

The core debate

White tents at Area G stand on the hill near White Rock on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022. Nadav Soroker / Searchlight NM

A multi-billion-dollar project to make plutonium cores at Los Alamos National Laboratory may be unsafe, unnecessary and ill-conceived. But proponents say the mission is a must.

By Annabella Farmer / Searchlight New Mexico

New Mexico Downwinders demand recognition, justice

Zamora, pictured with Bernice in Carrizozo (Photo courtesy of Bernice Gutierrez)

Decades-old compensation fund for people impacted by nuclear testing is set to expire in July BY: DANIELLE PROKOP / Source New Mexico The story of the Trinity Test Site is mapped onto the bodies of thousands of New Mexicans, slipped between stories of losing family member after family member to cancer.  For Tina Cordova, bringing light to… Continue reading New Mexico Downwinders demand recognition, justice