Healthy New Mexico

mix of red cross and zia symbol with wording "healthy new mexico"
  • Lujan Grisham approves healthcare bills
    “Delivering quality healthcare to New Mexico’s population requires a tailored approach that takes into account rural communities, New Mexicans benefiting from Medicaid, and the tens of thousands of public employees in our state,” Gov. Lujan Grisham said.
  • Lujan Grisham pushes 50-year Water Action Plan
    The governor’s short-term goals included asking lawmakers to approve $500 million for a Strategic Water Supply, $250 million for the Land of Enchantment Conservation Fund and smaller amounts for conservation work, outdoor recreation infrastructure and other projects.
  • Gateway Center partly open for winter shelter
    The Gateway Center in Albuquerque is supposed to be a wide funnel for people who need housing and other health and social services. Skye McMillon found the place is only partially open as winter weather begins blowing into town.
  • Fighting period poverty
    Lack of menstrual products leads to school absence. A New Mexico law addresses the problem, but may not have gone far enough.
  • New COVID vaccine now available for New Mexicans
    It’s fall and that means cold and flu season — and COVID. Health officials are advising another round of vaccine boosters to stay ahead of the virus. Barbara Ramirez reports.
  • UNM offers Navajo-based wellness program
    UNM has started a wellness initiative based in Navajo teachings that is helping students foster their sense of community.
  • Opioid medication saves mothers and babies. In New Mexico, few get it
    Vanessa G. Sánchez investigates why medication for opioid addiction that is life-saving for pregnant women and babies is rarely prescribed.
  • Study: climate change brings risks for kids
    Children are at greater risk to pollutants and various deleterious effects caused by climate change, including behavioral health risks, a new report found.
  • New Mexico monsoon outlook looks ‘bleak’
    After a HOT July, with very little rain, the picture looks the same for August. Unless storms ramp up, expect a drying Rio Grande through Albuquerque
  • 89 pounds and counting
    Losing weight takes effort and commitment, but anyone can learn to do it, Taton Yazzie says.