Green New Mexico

  • County animal shelter urges adoptions
    By Alyssa Buchanan

    The Bernalillo County Animal Shelter is desperate for help. With overcrowding at the shelter they are hoping to host more adoption events as an effort to find these pets a new home.
  • Can a mine near the Pecos river be stopped
    By Alicia Inez Guzman/Searchlight NM

    A unique NM coalition is battling the project to prevent widespread harm — and deja vu.
  • NM Legislature introduces bill to block Holtec nuclear waste site
    By Lindsay Fendt/Searchlight NM

    Efforts to limit the amount of nuclear waste in New Mexico took a major step forward Wednesday as lawmakers introduced a bill that would essentially ban the storage of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in New Mexico.
  • Climate Crisis in New Mexico: Fast Profits, Slow Policies
    By Aldo Jurado, Andres Torres, Brigid Driscoll, Joaquin Gonzalez, Joey Wagner, Lara Sullivan, Taylor Gibson

    New Mexico produces more oil and gas than all states except Texas. So how does its Democratic governor and state legislature plan to address the climate change crisis? Our team of student reporters went in search of answers.
  • Bird lovers flock to Bosque del Apache for the Festival of the Cranes
    Beeps and honks fill the air as curious bystanders ready their cameras and furiously click click away to capture the commotion. This isn’t Albuquerque at rush hour, it’s Bosque del Apache during the festival of Cranes. 
  • Facing the Northern NM resource problems
    Grace Calderon looked out over the 18-acre property in Montezuma, New Mexico where she and her husband had been renovating a small house for their retirement. The fire had licked at the house but destroyed the shed in which they had been storing all the materials needed to finish the home. 
  • How will the next New Mexico governor approach climate change?
    What is the future of climate change under the next governor of New Mexico? Joey Wagner reports on the details.
  • Curanderismo Gaining Steam?
    By Rayes Gallegos / New Mexico News Port Body on fire, lungs lathered in a light complected forest green mucus and the fatigue of a sprinter completing a marathon. Tightly compressed into the covers of my grandmother’s bed I was dealing with a cold. Soup and liquids kept me replenished but the smell of vinegar… Continue reading Curanderismo Gaining Steam?
  • VeneKlasen: keeping New Mexico wild
    He’s been a part of many initiatives to help designate New Mexico’s most exquisite monuments as wild and scenic. As News Port’s Rayes Gallegos reports, the passion for the outdoors is in Garrett VeneKlasen’s blood.
  • Garden your way to sustainability
    By Junko Featherston / NM News Port A UNM garden expert says, as our climate heats up, New Mexicans need to be more mindful of their water usage and food waste.  News Port’s Junko Featherston spoke with Amara Szrom, head coordinator for UNM’s Lobo Gardens, and filed this audio report. UNM Lobo Gardens welcomes volunteers.… Continue reading Garden your way to sustainability