Justice New Mexico

  • CABQ picks new Civilian Police Oversight head
    City Councilors selected Diane McDermott, who had been serving on an interim basis.
  • Lawmakers kill ban on guns in public parks
    A measure to turn that temporary measure into a permanent law failed in the 2024 legislative session.
  • Two sides of a gun
    In a time when kids can buy semi-automatics on Snapchat, two beloved sons start shooting. And two families are torn apart.
  • UNM crime rate worsening
    UNM ranks high among “most dangerous campuses” in America. News Port’s Alex Villalongja presents the latest campus crime stats.
  • Charges filed against a New Mexico police officer for a fatal shooting — for the first time in nearly 10 years
    After nearly a decade, a police officer in New Mexico will face criminal charges for a fatal shooting. From Searchlight New Mexico, Joshua Bowling reports.
  • ‘State of chaos’: New Mexico’s child welfare crisis is worse, monitors say
    Experts are calling for reforms in New Mexico’s child welfare system. Ed Williams from Searchlight New Mexico reports.
  • Turning guns into plowshares
    Amidst a backdrop of trauma and loss in an at-risk school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, students take a creative approach to address gun violence’s impact on their lives. Collaborating with a non-profit organization, the students repurpose surrendered firearms into art and tools, aiming to raise awareness about gun violence’s consequences in their community.
  • UNM seeks input on campus safety
    By Elijah Barela

    UNM’s Campus Climate Survey seeks student input that could be used to make changes on campus.
  • Roberta Ramo helped pave the way for Title IX
    By Skye McMillon

    As Women’s History Month comes to an end, one thing that continues is the historic change in women’s sports thanks to Title IX and thanks to influential women like Albuquerque lawyer Roberta Cooper Ramo.
  • APD sets up new cop shop at UNM
    By Syaire Riley

    Officer Michael Santana is one of 40 new officers working to stop crime around the campus of UNM. It’s part of an APD effort to concentrate more resources in the UNM area.
  • Lawmakers consider voting rights
    By Syaire Riley

    The New Mexico Voting Rights Act is a 45-page bill sponsored by House Democratic leaders, designed to expand and protect the right to vote.
  • Who paid for Solomon Pena’s campaign
    By Joshua Bowling/Searchlight NM

    Before he was accused of orchestrating the shootings at elected officials’ homes, he was able to court an influential New Mexico conservative.