Political New Mexico

  • Push for safer cannabis packaging continues
    By Sara Atencio-Gonzales

    A bill aimed at keeping edibles out of the hands of small children failed in the Legislature but supporters say they’ll keep trying.
  • Gun bills move slowly
    By Elijah Barela

    Although state lawmakers have introduced several proposals that would limit high-capacity gun magazines, none is moving quickly with only three weeks left in the session.
  • Lawmakers consider voting rights
    By Syaire Riley

    The New Mexico Voting Rights Act is a 45-page bill sponsored by House Democratic leaders, designed to expand and protect the right to vote.
  • Affirmative consent bill advances
    By Miyawni Curtis

    A bill aimed at preventing sexual assault and misconduct has cleared the state House.
  • Making up for lost time
    By Kyle Smith

    State lawmakers are considering adding up to 150 hours of instructional time to the school year.
  • State Dems push to protect reproductive & trans health care
    By Elizabeth Secor

    Five female state representatives, all women, want to make sure New Mexicans have full access to birth control, abortion and gender-affirming health care.
  • Climate Crisis in New Mexico: Fast Profits, Slow Policies
    By Aldo Jurado, Andres Torres, Brigid Driscoll, Joaquin Gonzalez, Joey Wagner, Lara Sullivan, Taylor Gibson

    New Mexico produces more oil and gas than all states except Texas. So how does its Democratic governor and state legislature plan to address the climate change crisis? Our team of student reporters went in search of answers.
  • Half of NM registered voters cast ballots
    More than half of the registered voters in New Mexico cast ballots in Tuesday’s general election. The turnout rate was lower than the previous midterm election.
  • Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reelected
    Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will serve another 4-year term as governor of New Mexico after defeating republican challenger Mark Ronchetti on Tuesday, taking home 52% of votes. 
  • Navajo Nation elects Buu Nygren president
    Buu Nygren, half Navajo-half Vietnamese, becomes the youngest president of the Navajo Nation. His running mate becomes the first woman to be vice-president. They defeated incumbent Jonathan Nez.