School grows new entrepreneurs

The Great Academy in Albuquerque, NM


One local high school, The Great Academy, is bringing entrepreneurial education to the classroom. The charter school in Northeast Albuquerque offers real world experience to its students and is centered around preparing kids to own, operate and manage a business.

The News Port talked with students and administration at The Great Academy about its Business and Entrepreneurship lab, a one-of-a-kind business school model. Along with adhering to the school’s mission, instructors show students the fundamentals behind starting up and running a business.

This project is the second segment by the New Mexico News Port in partnership with New Mexico in Focus as part of our coverage of entrepreneurship in Albuquerque. In the latest installment of this series, local leaders, educators and community members talk about the importance of entrepreneurial values in New Mexico’s education system.

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News Port student contributors are Dominic Aragón, Erika Eddy, Brian DeGruchy, Kyle Herrera, Tania Martínez and Christian Naranjo.

The most recent show also featured local leaders who spoke about the importance of introducing college students to entrepreneurial ideas.