Social Media Expert Snaps, Tweets to Promote Businesses


During a typical workweek, Auri Vigil engages in client meetings, press conferences and events helping promote grand openings of businesses.As the online account executive at Siarza Social Digital, Vigil uses her love of social media to promote businesses around New Mexico.

Siarza Social Digital is an online communications and marketing agency. Vigil writes press releases, social media content, donation letters and media alerts. She also has experience in customer relations, small business communications and public relations.

Kristelle Siarza, CEO, founded Siarza Social Digital in 2014. The team consists of Siarza, four staff members including Vigil and four interns. They provide services online and in person, depending on a client’s needs. Siarza Social Digital was founded in November 2014. Vigil joined the team in July 2015. The company is based out of FatPipe ABQ, a community combined of startups,existing business, and entrepreneurs.

Vigil is a UNM alumnus. She graduated from UNM in 2013 receiving a Bachelor of Arts in communication and journalism – specializing in mass communications with a minor in professional writing.

While at UNM, she started an internship with the marketing department in the Student Union Building (SUB). That is when she said she really fell in love with social media. She is passionate about all forms of social media and thinks it is a great way to communicate.

“It is so important to get real world experience, internships are so important, by gaining first hand experience you’ll already be one step ahead,” Vigil said.

Auri Vigil loves her job at Siarza Social Digital. She gets to do what she is not only passionate about but good at on a daily basis. Photo by Savana Carollo / NM News Port

Siarza Social Digital has an internship program. Positions include a web internship and a social media internship.
Vigil says she really likes being based out of Fat Pipe because it allows her to work closely with other startups and businesses. For example, Siarza Social Digital does not build apps but other companies at Fat Pipe do. In this case Siarza Social Digital would partner up with a company designed to write apps. The companies within Fat Pipe help each other out and refer clients to one another.

Vigil says the best part of her job is that she gets to interact with her clients directly allowing her and the company to build strong, professional relationships. But more importantly it allows them to create a community instead of just a job, Vigil said.

Vigil explained that the amount of social media guidance varies because some businesses know exactly what they want and some come to her not knowing anything about social media. It is those clients that really allow her to embrace her love for social media.

The most challenging part of her job is “keeping up with new trends, especially with social media, things are constantly changing like we saw with the new interactions with Facebook. But it also makes it exciting,” Vigil said.

Social media is continually being updated, “No one saw Snapchat coming,” Vigil said. Which means the Siarza Social Digital team needs to be on top of the changes and improvements in technology in order to provide their customers a successful social media experience.

Vigil works with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and even Snapchat. Her favorite form of social media is Facebook.

“It’s easier to see videos, articles, and follow a larger common,” Vigil said.

According to Vigil, Siarza Social Digital work with businesses ranging from startups such as OrangeTheory Fitness to much larger businesses like Nusenda Credit Union and the Albuquerque Isotopes. This broad range really allows for creative use of social media, which is something Vigil said she loves about her job. Each business requires different types of social media, so she is constantly doing something different.

Here is the Siarza Social Digital Team at a Press conference for their client, Orange Theory Fitness. This is a startup in the Riverside Plaza, west side Albuquerque. Photo by Savana Carollo / NM News Port
Here is the Siarza Social Digital Team at a Press conference for their client, Orange Theory Fitness. This is a startup in the Riverside Plaza, west side Albuquerque. Photo by Savana Carollo / NM News Port

The Albuquerque Isotopes hired Siarza Social Digital for the 2015 season. They used Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise and market the Isotopes. The Isotopes will partner with Siarza Social digital again for the 2016 season.

Vigil said that Snapchat was successful for the Isotopes because it allows for an entertaining aspect. Whereas Siarza Social Digital does not use Snapchat for Nusenda Credit Union because that would probably not attract much attention. She said there is definitely a strategy when using Snapchat for business purposes.

Vigil said Siarza Social Digital markets their company on social media, but other than that they do not spend money on advertising. They found word of mouth marketing has been very successful for them. Business Outlook, Albuquerque the Magazine and the local news have all mentioned Siarza Social Digital.

What do you think is the most interesting part of the innovation economy in ABQ?

“Since we are in FatPipe ABQ the center hub for entrepreneurship. That makes it so interesting because of One Million Cups presentations they are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Two entrepreneurs present to the community. This is the most important part because innovation startswith new, exciting companies as well as bringing new jobs to our community. We want to bring the job here locally, not be outsourcing as much, because we have wonderful talent here locally.”

If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

“I just love communications, it’s something I’ve always had growing up. If someone took away social media I’d probably be doing PR, if someone took away PR I’d stay doing social media. The best part of being here at SSD is I’m able to do everything I love to do. I have the opportunity for growth, opportunity todo social media, PR skills and even event coordination.”

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