How many national parks are around Albuquerque?

A view of Albuquerque's west side from Petroglyph National Monument. Photo by Evan Barela/NMNP

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The question:

How many national parks are in New Mexico or around Albuquerque?

What we’ve learned:

There are more than 50 National Parks and Monuments within a day’s drive of Albuquerque. Each park shows a piece of New Mexico’s history, from Ancient Native American ruins to Spanish missionary routes. In addition to each park’s rich history, recreational activities are also available to the public, like hiking and caving at select parks. The five parks we have chosen to emphasize are: the Petroglyphs, Chaco-Culture National Historical Park, Bandelier National Monument, Pecos National Historical Park and El Malpais National Monument.

What we still need to learn:

We still need to drive to Pecos and Bandelier to take photos and collect data. Additionally, we must hold a more extensive interview with Diane Souder, the chief of interpretation at Petroglyph National Monument. She will highlight more “must-knows” about each park. Finally, any input from a visitor that has visited any of these parks would be beneficial to incorporate into the story.

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