What is New Mexico’s oldest building?

The sign of the San Miguel By Nick Fojud Church, describing the mission as not only the oldest in the state, but the oldest in the U.S. Sunday April 12. Photo.

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The Question

“If Albuquerque is more than 300 years old and Santa Fe is more than 400 years old, what are some of the oldest structures in each city? Any good (i.e. spooky, romantic, funny) stories to accompany these places? If not answered above, what is the oldest man-made structure in New Mexico?” submitted by Lillian Kelly

What we’ve learned

After speaking with the state historians and other experts in New Mexico history, we’ve narrowed our search down to three buildings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe collectively that are documented as the oldest structures. We are still learning new information from historians and gathering personal stories from locals. We have learned that the oldest structures may not be open to the public, so we’re trying to maintain a focus on buildings that anyone can visit. We have visited two locations in Santa Fe, the Governor’s Palace and the San Miguel Mission, and photographed each. Preliminary research showed these structures are still open to the public.

What we still would like to learn:

We plan to visit Albuquerque’s historic church in Old Town, the San Felipe De Neri Parish, to take pictures. We also plan to conduct a more formal interview with the state historian. We will also be looking further into other sites and the cost of the upkeep of the structures we’ll be featuring.

Contact us:

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Brianna Gallegos (Video and Audio): @_BGallegos

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