Listen and wonder: UNM audio students hit play

Three women in a radio studio
Gillian Barkhurst, Viola Murphy, Addison Fulton in the C&J audio studio, May 2023.

By Gillian Barkhurst, Addison Fulton and Viola Murphy

The UNM class, CJ-370, was originally billed as “audio journalism,” but lately Professor Mike Marcotte has been loosening the reins, to encourage students to explore the wider world of audio, radio and podcasting.

The course is now referred to as “audio storytelling,” and while it still features plenty of journalism, some students took their final projects into some playful spaces.

Podcast Pilot: Station Solo

By Gillian Barkhurst / CJ370

Hello? Is anyone out there?

A radio intern abandoned in the now nuclear wasteland of Albuquerque, New Mexico, carries on her boss’ radio show while wondering, ‘is there anyone left to hear it?’

Tune in to “Station Solo,” the last radio show on Earth.

Podcast Trailer: The Open Matchbook

By Addison Fulton / CJ 370

Welcome to the future where fire departments are no longer a public service. Now a serial arsonist is on the loose and even the privately-hired fire firefighters are feeling the heat. One podcast investigator discovers a deep web of conspiracy and greed.

An Audio Experience: Lizard Skin Boots and Floating Cows

By Viola Murphy / CJ370

Torrance, a troubled scientist with a deep past, is studying an artifact previously unknown to our world. Things are going great until…

Written, produced, and narrated by Viola Murphy
Cover illustration by Viola Murphy
Torrance voice acted by Devin Benson
Mel and Buck voice acted by Dylan Thomas


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