State Fair beckons many back again

By Skye McMillon/ NM News Port The New Mexico State Fair is back for its 85th year. The fair is among the biggest annual events in the state, attracting some 500,000 attendees, ranking it among the top five state fairs in the nation praised for affordability, nice weather, and appealing programming.  Once again, the fair… Continue reading State Fair beckons many back again

New Mexico monsoon outlook looks ‘bleak’

The Rio Grande stretches out just upstream of the San Acacia reach, on July 30, 2023. The reach has dried nearly every year for the past 25 years, but without stronger monsoons, the river could dry up into Albuquerque, for the second time in 40 years. (Danielle Prokop / Source NM)

After a HOT July, with very little rain, the picture looks the same for August. Unless storms ramp up, expect a drying Rio Grande through Albuquerque

A photo finish for spring 2023

Nina and Kiona (pictured left to right) are working on five and six page papers in the computer lounge of Zimmerman Library.

By Syaire Riley

The end of the school year can look different for each student, teacher, and faculty member of UNM. See what it looks like through moments captured around campus in the final weeks.

Podcast demo: Popcorn Culture

By Ryan Lovato

Popcorn Culture is a podcast where co-hosts Ryan Lovato and Katherine Ronquillo provide in-depth movie reviews. In this pilot, Ryan and Katherine provide a personal review of the movie Creed 3. Popcorn Culture is a podcast for movie lovers and critics. If you’re looking for a detailed and honest review, Popcorn Culture is the podcast for you.

Isotopes Season Begins

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By Syaire Riley

The Albuquerque Isotopes triumphed in their first home game on April 4, a crowd-pleasing start to the season