Local Duo Combine God, Art and T-Shirts


Miguel Figueroa and Jonathon Roybal had similar visions for starting company, one that harnessed their spiritual beliefs while reinventing the way to communicate the message.

“We focus on making creative ways to reach people with the Gospel, a way to market ourselves in a way that isn’t necessarily too religious, but at the same something that is eye-catching,” Figueroa said.

Figueroa and Roybal are both CEOs of the company Eternal Made, which specializes in spreading Christianity through clothing and apparel. They are both from Albuquerque and Roybal is a business management student at UNM.

Figueroa and Roybal met through their local church and quickly found their similar visions for art and creativity could be utilized as a means of marketing to the college audience using social media.

They sell their designs via their website, and say they have propositions from all over the world to expand their company. Gathering hundreds of likes on social media daily, they use technology, like their Instagram account, to attract more people to their cause.

A model wearing Eternal Made apparel via their website. Courtesy photo.
A model wearing Eternal Made apparel. Courtesy photo.

“A lot of it is just Jonathon and I coming together; he does web design, I myself am more strategic marketing,” Figueroa said. A team of artists including Figueroa design and decide which works will go on shirts.

The art features such messages as “Eternal Made,” or “End of Days.”

Providing a modern aesthetic, the company has found a niche. Online, they sell through external vendors and sell about 100 shirts per quarter.  Figueroa and Roybal say they want to start more branches in the future. “We want to go into other countries, feed people, clothe them, and share what’s been so life-changing in our lives, and help people everywhere.”[/vc_column_text][vc_tweetmeme][/vc_column][/vc_row]