Republicans on brink of House control

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Republicans on brink of House control

Bolstered by Gov. Susana Martinez’s re-election momentum, Republicans appeared on the brink of reaching a majority in the state House of Representatives — a mountain they’d failed to scale since 1953.

Democrats hold a 37-33 lead in the House, according to the Associated Press, but Republicans apparently took three key — and bitterly contested — races in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights, where Sarah Maestas Barnes was ahead of incumbent Emily Kane, Conrad James led Elizabeth Thompson and incumbent Nate Gentry was fending off challenger Bob Coffey, according election results.

Several other critical races remained too close to call.

A Republican majority in the House would create a new order in Santa Fe and give Martinez an easier road as she worked to pass measures that had found dead ends under Democratic rule.

When the Legislature convenes in January, representatives will vote to elect a speaker. The post is currently held by Ken Martinez, a Democrat from Grants.[/text_output][share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true”][/vc_column][/vc_row]