What’s up, what’s down at Gravity Bound

Cameron Frigon (Left) and Chris Frigon (Right) Photo is courtesy of DARK SIDE BREW CREW.

By Sayre Key-Towne / NM News Port

Brewers Chris Frigon and his brother Cameron came to Albuquerque from New York to open Gravity Bound Brewing Company with the intent to do things their own way.

Chris is general manager. Cameron is the brew-master.  If you sat out the pandemic you may have missed their opening.

“We opened in June 2020, so we’re coming up on our two-year here, but ever since, we’ve been rolling with it,” said Chris.

Here is the official audio from the interview at Gravity Bound Brewing Company!

The Frigon brothers seem proud that their brew pub has a focus on sustainability. You can see it in how they transformed an old auto-shop garage into a full-on micro-brewery that includes an outside patio. 

“We’re 100% electric. We try to reuse materials,” Chris said. “Building materials like the bar and the doors are made out of pallet wood and found on the side of the road.”

“Same thing with the planters as well. We picked up tires from Second Street and repurposed them and then made it something pretty,” he said.

We’ve made some weirder ones as well… just putting some weird stuff on the board that you haven’t really seen here in Albuquerque. — Chris Frigon

Chris says what makes Gravity Bound unique is their business model of constantly changing their product.  After one keg is finished, they invent another.

For example if one sour beer ingredient goes out of season it is replaced with an all-new beer for that time.

“One that we have right now in the shop is Kiwi strawberry graham cracker, oranges and vanilla bean,” Chris said. “And then we’ve made some weirder ones as well, trying to get coffee into sours and just putting some weird stuff on the board that you haven’t really seen here in Albuquerque.” 

In a city and a state where micro-breweries are increasingly common, the brothers at Gravity Bound hope to stand out, doing things their own way.