Food & beer fair brings taste of normalcy

The Korean BBQ Pork Tacos are the Street Food Institute's most popular dish. Photo by John Acosta / NM News Port.

By Gavin Moughan / NM News Port

New Mexico is back! After a long hiatus from live events, the last weekend of March brought a return of The Great New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival.

Gavin Moughan went to the scene and filed this report.

Here’s the audio version: 

With over 25 food trucks and more than 50 craft beers on tap, there is something for everyone at the Great New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival.

For Josh, it was great just to get out of the house.

“ I think it’s pretty cool, now that Covid is over,” said Josh, one of the many attendees. “You know a lot of people don’t really have a whole lot of places to go so it’s kind of nice to see the events slowly start come back to life so I’m excited to be out and about. It’s Albuquerque. ” 

Hundreds of attendees were enjoying what the festival had to offer.

Maria who lives close by had some great food endorsements. 

“ The Danar Kibab was really good, and then the Lemonade was also good,” she said. “Wow Wow lemonade stand was really good. It’s cool because they have local places and they have places from all over that I guess like travel with them.“

Though the festival is about food trucks and beer, there was much more –  like local artists and vendors.

Jordan is a bath product salesperson and Joseph Esquibel is a dot sketch artist. 

“ It’s a huge event… there’s so many people here,” Jordan said. “It seems like the community is really embracing the local artists and so I think that it’s been really good.“

“ Man it’s going amazing, bro,” Joseph said. “I’m surprised that there’s still a long line of people waiting to come in… turnout is awesome.” 

Food Trucks, live music, beer and artists – and springtime in Albuquerque!  It’s fair to say… this was a much-needed community experience and a breath of fresh air.