Real conversation with a struggling alcoholic

Commentary by Brigid Driscoll / NM News Port

I went home in February to make a cooking video for my class.

Instead, this happened.

Audio of Brigid’s family confronting their father who admits to having a drinking problem.

I wake up in the morning and think, man, I hope today I don’t drink.
All of a sudden a beer turns to two and a shot and then two shots, and then another beer and three shots.

All of a sudden, I’ve got a killer fucking buzz on thinking I can do this all day long.

And I can’t”

Brigid’s Dad

As you can hear in this an unexpected family meeting — which they allowed me to record — the conversation gets very raw and you can hear the struggles of a family dealing with an alcoholic.

If you think you have a drinking problem, try getting in touch with Alcoholics Anonymous. They know how to help you.