TVC CEO: Personal Skills Important in Tech Too

John Freisinger, CEO of Technology Venture Corporation (TVC) speaking to UNM business students at the Anderson School’s 7th Annual Business Plan Competition Photo: Boseok Park/New Mexico News Port


By Boseok Park/New Mexico News Port

John Freisinger, CEO of Technology Venture Corporation coaches students at University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Business on how to present business plans with quality communication skills to turn “good ideas into reality.”

As a part of the 7th Annual Business Plan Competition earlier this year, Freisinger in his talk “Presenting Your Business Plan” stressed the importance of going beyond a Power Point presentation of a business plan in order to be an eye-catching speaker.

Freisinger emphasized the importance of utilizing good communication skills by keeping eye contact with people in the audience, presenting loud and clear voice,  all while keeping the slogan in mind that “the best slide is no slide.”

Fresinger’s Albuquerque-based technology commercialization company focuses on technology development and investor opportunities for entrepreneurs.

“What I am interested in is to be part of the innovation of the economy in Albuquerque, and the formation of new investment funds such as New Mexico Start-Up Factory and NM Fund of Funds,” Freisinger said. “The seed capital is vital for Albuquerque’s startups.”

TVC was formed in 1993, as a nonprofit charitable foundation by Lockheed Martin Corporation as part of the management contract for Sandia National Laboratories. Its mission is to commercialize federally funded technologies.

With more than twenty years of experience, Freisinger was able to train the audience with a variety of presentation styles others on how to speak in order to help create business opportunities for other entrepreneurs. He walked around every table and got questions from the audience, and he was able to be a mentor for each audience member.  Fresinger also made some of the students come to the front of audience so he could give them coaching on how to walk around around the room, make eye contact, and speak loudly.

Fresinger said throughout his career he has seem many interesting business plans but he is “usually more interested in the entrepreneur and their ‘Why?’ than the technology or the market,” because this explains the motivations behind their desire to develop their own business.[/vc_column_text][vc_tweetmeme][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”7725″][vc_column_text]Company Name: Technology Venture Corporation

Year founded: 1993

Headquarters: Albuquerque, New Mexico

People in charge: John Freisinger, president and CEO, Todd Hunter, CFO, director of operations.

What the company do? “For example, the company makes an app that keeps your favorite recipes in one place and sold 1,300 in 2015…What we receive are funding numbers (investment in our client companies), but they don’t always correlate with the same year in which we lend assistance,” Freisinger said.

Where do you see the company in five years: “In five years, TVC will have expanded its mission to provide laboratory commercialization assistance throughout the department,” Freisinger said.