When Will UNM’s Johnson Gym be Renovated?


As part of our Curious New Mexico project, UNM senior Jaylee Caruso wanted to know when students can expect to see renovations at Johnson Center.

After years of planning and meetings, the board of regents announced in February the authorization of $55 million in bonds, $35 million of which will go towards the Johnson Center expansion and renewal.

Student fees are currently $753.60 for a student taking 15 plus hours, and will increase by approximately $157 per year. So although there will be a spike in student fees, supporters say the renovated Johnson will see many new amenities that should excite students and the UNM community.

Take a look at our video to see the current state of Johnson, what we can expect to see in the remodel as well as thoughts from students and the ASUNM president on the project.

“If we start having better facilities, that starts to increase the value of your degree. If our University is building credibility in every area, it’s making us look better,” Hagengruber said.