Who paid for Solomon Pena’s campaign

Solomon Pena was booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center early Tuesday morning. Police say he orchestrated a string of drive-by shootings at local politicians’ homes after losing the election for the state House of Representatives.

Before he was accused of orchestrating the shootings at elected officials’ homes, he was able to court an influential New Mexico conservative.

Can a mine near the Pecos river be stopped

Ralph Vigil walks away from an old blocked off portion of the El Molino mill, where ores from the old Tererro Mine were processed. Nadav Soroker/Searchlight New Mexico

A unique NM coalition is battling the project to prevent widespread harm — and deja vu.

No eyes on the skies

Flaring by the storage tanks at an oil and gas site near Artesia. Nadav Soroker/Searchlight New Mexico

New Mexico’s tough new pollution rules rely on oil and gas operators to report their methane emissions. Can self-policing work?