Curanderismo Gaining Steam?

Everyday items can be folk medicine.

By Rayes Gallegos / New Mexico News Port Body on fire, lungs lathered in a light complected forest green mucus and the fatigue of a sprinter completing a marathon. Tightly compressed into the covers of my grandmother’s bed I was dealing with a cold. Soup and liquids kept me replenished but the smell of vinegar… Continue reading Curanderismo Gaining Steam?

Movie theaters transform in response to streaming

By Brigid Driscoll and Lara Sullivan / New Mexico News Port Movie theater ticket sales peaked in 2002 and were slowly declining until the pandemic shuttered indoor spaces and tanked sales. They are now rebounding, but in 2021 theater-goers bought fewer than 500 million tickets, less than half of the 2019 total. Meanwhile, Netflix has… Continue reading Movie theaters transform in response to streaming

Walking history

Our tour guide Kathy Chilton, a volunteer with the Albuquerque Historical Society.

On most Saturdays, you can join a free walking tour of downtown Albuquerque. News Port’s Daniel Boyd took his camera and recorder and captured some history.

Food & beer fair brings taste of normalcy

The Korean BBQ Pork Tacos are the Street Food Institute's most popular dish. Photo by John Acosta / NM News Port.

After a long hiatus from live events, the last weekend of March brought a return of The Great New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival.

Gavin Moughan went to the scene and filed this report for the News Port.

Holy Posole!

By Rayes Gallegos / NM News Port Just before Christmas last year my father spent two nights in his room with what he thought was a headache. I, a paranoid COVID-19 germophobe, intent on not getting the virus, wiped every square inch of the house with Clorox wipes. Then, on Christmas day, my fears were… Continue reading Holy Posole!

A newcomer’s guide to an Albuquerque holiday

By Talullah Begaye / NM News Port It’s that time of year when snow dusts the Sandias, the wind carries the smell of piñon, lights twinkle and you’re ready to make memories with friends and family. Here are three things to do to keep people entertained (and more importantly to keep the peace.) Winter Wonderland at… Continue reading A newcomer’s guide to an Albuquerque holiday