No eyes on the skies

Flaring by the storage tanks at an oil and gas site near Artesia. Nadav Soroker/Searchlight New Mexico

New Mexico’s tough new pollution rules rely on oil and gas operators to report their methane emissions. Can self-policing work?

Politics trump health in NM’s response to alcohol crisis

New Mexico's alcohol epidemiologist, Annaliese Mayette, recommended the governor veto landmark alcohol legislation that expanded access to alcohol. It is unclear whether her recommendation made it to the governor.

In February 2021, as New Mexico lawmakers considered landmark legislation to loosen restrictions on alcohol sales, the state’s alcohol epidemiologist Annaliese Mayette set out to assess the bill.

Struggle then Conquer

Itzani Cruz, Albuquerque local, talks about mixed-race identity and how she battled with learning self-acceptance. Her Chicana and Okinawan heritage made identity confusing growing up, but she learned to embrace her uniqueness and shine with confidence.

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Democrats sweep statewide executive races

Stephanie Garcia Richard wins reelection as New Mexico's Commissioner of Public Lands. Photo by Aldo Jurado/NM New Port

Democrats won handily in all five of the statewide offices in New Mexico, not including those of Governor and Lt Governor.