Tenants with nowhere to turn

Wendy Catalano sits in her wheelchair inside her apartment at the Lolomas complex in Clovis. She began withholding a portion of her rent after water damage prevented her from being able to use part of the unit. Nadav Soroker/Searchlight New Mexico

Low-income renters face poor housing conditions, including leaks, heat, mold, and roaches, with no help.

Study: climate change brings risks for kids

Student protestors raise their signs and voices in an attempt to bring awareness to the climate crisis at the Global Climate Strike in downtown Albuquerque. (Archive Photo/Sevia Gonzales/NM News Port)

Children are at greater risk to pollutants and various deleterious effects caused by climate change, including behavioral health risks, a new report found.

Turning guns into plowshares

Amidst a backdrop of trauma and loss in an at-risk school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, students take a creative approach to address gun violence’s impact on their lives. Collaborating with a non-profit organization, the students repurpose surrendered firearms into art and tools, aiming to raise awareness about gun violence’s consequences in their community.