Tenants with nowhere to turn

Wendy Catalano sits in her wheelchair inside her apartment at the Lolomas complex in Clovis. She began withholding a portion of her rent after water damage prevented her from being able to use part of the unit. Nadav Soroker/Searchlight New Mexico

Low-income renters face poor housing conditions, including leaks, heat, mold, and roaches, with no help.

Turning guns into plowshares

Amidst a backdrop of trauma and loss in an at-risk school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, students take a creative approach to address gun violence’s impact on their lives. Collaborating with a non-profit organization, the students repurpose surrendered firearms into art and tools, aiming to raise awareness about gun violence’s consequences in their community.

Podcast demo: In the House

Sy and his Dad attending a Los Angeles Lakers game.

By Syaire Riley

A father and his son’s relationship is a special one. A father and son on the mic, that’s even better. Take a listen to this podcast duo and their conversations centered around topics the whole family can enjoy!