Reporter returns home, finds stories go deeper

Image provide by Stephanie Muñiz

By Aldo Jurado / NM News Port Stephanie Muñiz grew up in New Mexico, went to college at NMSU, and launched a career as a local television reporter in Yakima, Washington. Now she’s home again — a reporter for KOAT Action 7 News. In this audio report, Muñiz tells me how being a reporter in… Continue reading Reporter returns home, finds stories go deeper

UNM delivers tips on critical thinking

By Hope Munoz / NM News Port / Critical thinking is an essential skill for engaging with popular science and several simple steps can help students determine valuable information from junk, according to a recent workshop. The Engineering Student Success Center (ESS) held a Zoom meeting and in-person event this semester to help students at the… Continue reading UNM delivers tips on critical thinking

Pandemic Threatens Navajo Healing Ceremonies 

By Taylor A. Gibson / NM News Port One unexpected result of the pandemic has been to limit the Traditional Navajo healing ceremonies that keep Navajo culture, tradition and language alive. Medicine men and women usually conduct ceremonies in a sacred space, typically in their own homes or at the homes of their patients. ​​… Continue reading Pandemic Threatens Navajo Healing Ceremonies